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Lonely Planet photographer profile: Anders Blomqvist

December 20, 2010

Name: Anders Blomqvist

Country: Sweden

What equipment do you use? Nikon D-300, Nikon 17-55 f/2.8, Nikon 70-200 f/2.8, Tokina 12-24 f/2.8, Nikon 10,5 f/2,8, TC 17E converter, Sigma 70 f/2.8 macro, Manfrotto 055 CXPRO4 tripod with Acratech GV2 head, ThinkTank bags, MacBook Pro laptop. I replace gear often to upgrade but this is what I have been using the last couple of years.

How much time do you spend travelling for photography a year? A good year about 6 months, a not so good year maybe 2 months. The reality is that digital photography has a way of making photographers into office rats and computer geeks. With slides I was shooting 70% of the time and spent 30% of my time in the office. Now that has been reversed.

Favourite photography subject and why? All documentary styles. I love nature and wildlife but it’s hard to make a living from. Now I specialize in Asian life. To me the challenge is to shoot a familiar well photographed subject from a new angle or perspective. To do a better job than what is already available.

What is the most photographic country, and why? Hooked on India because it’s simply the most interesting and photogenic country on earth.

What first got you interested in photography? A friend in high school got me interested but it wasn’t until I worked on M/S Royal Viking Sea 1981-84 travelling around the world that my interest got really fired up. After doing a year studying photography in 1982-83 I knew my life course.

What was your first big break? It was when I did a mega slideshow from Tibet at the university in Oslo in 1985 spread over 2 evenings that things got rolling.

Tips for budding photographers: Good Luck! It’s a very tough market.

Tips for taking photos: Develop your seeing, it’s key to finding good photos. It’s possible to find good light 24 hrs a day. Naturally morning and evening is best but that’s no reason to laze around during the day or night.

Next assignment: Most likely it will be the Dolomites during winter otherwise I am happy to go back to India anytime and work on my mega project there.

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Rajput man with enormous moustache in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.


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